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彩票在线娱乐平台 www.9zedx.com.cn Answer your “how do I do this?” questions with the very latest insights to today’s most pressing challenges in becoming an experience business.

Real-world examples for worldwide marketers.


Content & Experience Management


More channels — especially with the explosion of mobile — means more content to create, store, and manage. Make the demand for more experiences a strength instead of a liability.

Omnichannel Campaign Management


Customers jump from one channel to the next — for example, from an email, to a website, to a mobile app — making it a challenge to offer them a consistent experience. We help you deliver the right message, in email or other channels, at the right time to the right person.


Personalization & Testing


You’re not just looking for customers to have one good experience with you. You want them to keep coming back. Learn how to test, target, and personalize customer journeys in ways are relevant and build long-term value.




New technology, growing channels, and shifting customer data make ad buying increasingly complicated. See how we simplify the process, add transparency, and help you improve ad performance.
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